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      Very Cheaply made.

      I received the boots and they were a little too big, I needed to go half a size down, but I've always bought every boot I've ever owned in 6 1/2's and never had any issues, so I'm not sure why I did this time around. The horse print on the boot shaft was already coming off(peeling)when I received it before I had even put them on. The boot shaft felt like a type of styrofoam. The horse print was off and looked very blurry. The rest of the boot below the shaft looked like they had been used by someone else before and all they did was polish it to make them look new but I could still see where they had been worn and scuffed. Whoever polished them did not do a every good job because it was very noticeable. The only thing that was true to the picture was the sole of the boot. All in all, it looked they took a pair of used boots and tried to make it look new and didnt do a very good job of it and they felt very cheaply made. I wouldnt recommend. I went ahead and returned them because they most definitely were not worth the almost $300 I spent on them.